Watch some of the highlights of Recard for iT’s Tissue 2018:



In fact, for iT’s Tissue 2018, Recard has outdone itself, improving on already excellent performance and surpassing all pre-existing limits …

Green Easy Crescent is a production system for 80 t/d tissue paper equipped with a state-of-the-art gas turbine capable of producing most of the electrical energy required for production and simultaneously, with the residual exhaust gas, supplying all the thermal energy needed to dry the paper.

Add to Easy Crescent, the design developed by Recard to install a tissue machine in an easy, economic and modern manner, an innovative technology that allows reducing energy costs to a minimum and lowering atmospheric emissions significantly.

Energy Saving
Optimizing electrical and heat consumptions
Eco Friendly
Reduced emissions
User Friendly
Easy installation, maintenance and operation
High Technology
Easy Crescent, Combo hood, Integrex boiler and ReEnergy+

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